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Wed Jun 18 00:32:20 UTC 2008

Hey Karl,
Decided to take your advise as I don't care for
anything as complicated as postfix to set up.  Did
that before with list help and still don't know what
got mutt to read root mail.  However, you said to
install mailx and mailutil(s) which on my gutsy are
conflicting. I can install either one but not both. 
Care to qualify your instructions.

--- Karl Larsen <k5di at> wrote:

>   It is true if you want to have a REAL mail client
> you need mail. It 
> does this:
> 1 Introduction
> gnu Mailutils contains a series of useful mail
> clients, servers, and 
> libraries. These are
> the primary mail utilities of the GNU system.
> Specifically, this package 
> contains a POP3
> server, an IMAP4 server, and a Sieve mail filter. It
> also provides a 
> POSIX ‘mailx’ client,
> and a collection of other tools. The central library
> is capable of 
> accessing different mailbox
> formats and mailers as well as off of local or
> remote POP3 and IMAP4 
> servers.
> This software is part of the GNU Project and belongs
> to the Free 
> Software Foundation.
> All libraries are licensed using the GNU LGPL. The
> documentation is 
> licensed under the
> GNU FDL, and everything else is licensed using the
> Why use this package?
> This package started off to try and handle large
> mailbox files more 
> gracefully then current
> POP3 servers did. While it handles this task, it
> also allows you to 
> support a variety of
> different mailbox formats without any real effort on
> your part. Also, if 
> a new format is
> added at a later date, your program will support
> that new format 
> automatically as soon as
> it is compiled against the new library.
> If you want to read mail to root, just start mail in
> a root terminal 
> with $sudo mail. If you want mail to karl just type
> mail. If you want to 
> use mail with Internet mail then you need to read
> the manual.
> To get mail just use sudo apt-get install mailx and
> mailutil
> Karl
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