tomcat 5.5

Aart Koelewijn aart at
Mon Jun 16 14:21:38 UTC 2008

On Mon, 16 Jun 2008 10:39:29 -0300, Derek Broughton wrote:

> Markus Schönhaber wrote:
>> Personally, I prefer splitting things up between /opt and /srv, though.
> I would avoid using /srv, since it isn't afaik part of the Debian file
> hierarchy.  But for most of us, choosing /opt or /usr/local is purely a
> matter of preference - the difference intended by the Debian FHS is
> pretty insignificant on single-user systems. --
> derek

I have  been thinking about this too. I know it is common nowadays to 
put /home on a separate partition to make it easier to preserve it during 
a upgrade/reinstall. When you have to do a upgrade/reinstall you will 
usualy want to preserve what is in /usr/local too. So I think it might be 
a good idea to use /home/local if what is in there should be used by 
different users or /home/$user/bin or something like that if only one 
user is going to use it.


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