Forget Hardy

Steve Lamb grey at
Thu Jun 12 20:43:54 UTC 2008

On Thu, June 12, 2008 1:21 pm, Phil Sexton wrote:
> I suspect a partition size problem, since you are able to install
> Gutsy and fail with Hardy.

    o.O  Ooooh, good idea!

> Why not trying to install Hardy on the partitions that contain
> Gutsy?  That way you would definitely have big enough partitions to
> succeed.  You could always re-install Gutsy if you don't like Hardy.

    Well, if his Gutsy install is pushing it this might not be the case. 
Maybe letting us know the sizes of the partitions he's attempting to
install on to?

> I recommend a minimum of 4 partitions for a Linux only installation,
> /boot, swap, / and /home

    I found out that with the recent install of KUbuntu even /home really
doesn't need to be split out.  When I needed to reinstall 8.04 after a
botched upgrade I was fearful for my data as I put everything on a
single partition.  The KUbuntu installer recognized there was a /home
directory with data on it and offered to erase the other, non-/home
directories to ensure a fresh start on the rest of the system. 
Essentially the same effect.  I am not sure if the base Ubuntu does

    As for /boot I'd recommend not having a separate boot unless it's
needed.  IE, / is something other than ext2/ext3.  I ran into a
situation where a machine was rendered unbootable because there was not
enough space to make a new initrd after a kernel upgrade.  For most
desktop installs KISS really does apply to partitioning.  / and swap is
more than sufficient these days.

> I like to have a separate box for researching distros, but my main
> box is down for a burnt out video card.  I had suspected a defective
> driver, but the card started giving off a burnt odor, so I am
> running on a memory impaired test box just now.

    There's always the Xen route.  ;)

Steve Lamb

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