not able to connec to the internet

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it is listed here:

just the last one

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> Rashkae wrote:
> > Felipe DOMINGUEZ wrote:
> >
> >> Some people suggested that I should buy another modem... but I don´t see
> >> way. it works well in windows and if I start that way then the question
> is
> >> what else should I buy and where to stop.
> >
> > I can't comment on this particular device, but it is simple fact that
> > not all hardware designed for Windows and/or mac with work with Linux.
> > If you happen to have unsupported hardware, you will need to replace it
> > with hardware that offers Linux Support.  (Something that is sometimes a
> > real pain with Notebooks, as many of the devices are built in and not
> > replaceable).  As a rule of thumb, hard drives, CD/DVD drives and wired
> > network cards are almost all well supported.  Video cards/chipsets,
> > Printers, Wireless networking devices* (especially this one), webcams,
> > sound cards (looking at you, Creative, once the leader in open hardware
> > standard for this catagory.. how far you've fallen), all need to be
> > verified to be certain they are Linux Supported.  There's not much to do
> > but contact the manufacturers and tell them you want Linux drivers for
> > their equipment.  (One supplier even surprised me once by replying the
> > same day that yes, their USB to serial adapters were supported by linux,
> > told me which module to load, and suggested some models for me to
> purchase)
> >
> > When it comes to ADSL modems, they really should be Ethernet, and not
> > USB, devices.  That way they are always guaranteed to work independently
> > of any Operating system or software.
> Again second that notion...this isn't a linux/Mac/Windows platform war
> thing, it's just a support issue.
> Anyway, the modem it at all related to the modem listed at
> ?
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