not able to connec to the internet

Rashkae ubuntu at
Wed Jun 11 20:36:28 UTC 2008

Felipe DOMINGUEZ wrote:

> Some people suggested that I should buy another modem... but I don´t see
> way. it works well in windows and if I start that way then the question is
> what else should I buy and where to stop.

I can't comment on this particular device, but it is simple fact that
not all hardware designed for Windows and/or mac with work with Linux.
If you happen to have unsupported hardware, you will need to replace it
with hardware that offers Linux Support.  (Something that is sometimes a
real pain with Notebooks, as many of the devices are built in and not
replaceable).  As a rule of thumb, hard drives, CD/DVD drives and wired
network cards are almost all well supported.  Video cards/chipsets,
Printers, Wireless networking devices* (especially this one), webcams,
sound cards (looking at you, Creative, once the leader in open hardware
standard for this catagory.. how far you've fallen), all need to be
verified to be certain they are Linux Supported.  There's not much to do
but contact the manufacturers and tell them you want Linux drivers for
their equipment.  (One supplier even surprised me once by replying the
same day that yes, their USB to serial adapters were supported by linux,
told me which module to load, and suggested some models for me to purchase)

When it comes to ADSL modems, they really should be Ethernet, and not
USB, devices.  That way they are always guaranteed to work independently
of any Operating system or software.

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