Trouble with SARG

Marcelo Garcia / Supermar marcelo.garcia at
Wed Jun 11 14:07:10 UTC 2008

Hello Everybody

I'm changing my atual system by Ubuntu 7.1. I used work with squid and sarg
But in the new server, i mconfigured squid and sarg but when sarg run, the 
error message is show

 sarg -l /var/log/squid/access.log -f /etc/squid/sarg.conf -d
*** stack smashing detected ***: sarg terminated

Squid is working ok. Below the value of the variables

root at atlas:/var/log/squid# echo $YESTERDAY
root at atlas:/var/log/squid# echo $HOJE
root at atlas:/var/log/squid#

Some sugestion ?

Tks a lot


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