Howto recompile kernel package with a different Timer Frequency

Michael Sotnikov astar at
Wed Jun 11 13:10:20 UTC 2008

Miano, Steven M.:
>>> Michael Sotnikov wrote:

>> Good day!
> I also recompiled a 2.6.24-18-server kernel last night (perfect for a source gaming server for it's FPS to go from 250 up to 800), the only thing that I changed was the HZ from 100 to 1000, seems to have worked flawlessly going off of the wiki hosted by Ubuntu. However if you do use that wiki be sure to rename the new kernel after you edit your config, otherwise when you attempt to use aptitude to update/upgrade it will try to update/upgrade your kernel.

I fixed my problem with compilation (yep, it was gcc 4.3 versus 2.6.24 
kernel, and the only working switch to 4.2 is - relink /usr/bin/gcc and 
other symlinks by hands). And I also recompiled kernel last night =) but 
can you point me how correctly create package with different name and 
different name of kernel inside it?


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