Resolution problem in Hardy

David Fox dfox94085 at
Wed Jun 11 05:08:25 UTC 2008

On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 5:09 PM, John Cavan <john at> wrote:

> New to the list, but I recently installed Hardy AMD64 on one of my
> machines that has an nVidia card. The proprietary driver simply failed
> to work; I had to grab the one from nVidia and install it instead and
> then tweak the xorg.conf file.

nvidia 6100 (on motherboard) and amd64 here as well. Had this setup
for about two weeks.

What driver were you using? 169.12 (aka nvidia-glx-new) just doesn't
work as well as 100.14.19 did on debian lenny. OTOH that was a 32 bit
machine and a separate AGP card (FX 5200).

I'm having a few glitches related to screen painting that happen when
I run compiz, but some other GL apps cause the problems as well. I
filed a bug report about this a few days ago.

I haven't got around to trying the 173 driver, but I've downloaded it
in hopes that things will improve in that department. If they don't, I
guess I have to look elsewhere for solutions - maybe a hardware issue.
In fact, I get more of an unusable screen running nvidia-glx-new than
nvidia-glx, which is what I first installed on 8.04.

> long, but it's an extra step to remember. Also, see this link:
> for a bit more
> information.

I'll take a look at that link as well. I've been scouring the forums &
nvnews for a while now just to see if others have experienced issues
similar to mine.

> Final note, if your setup is 64 bit, make sure that you install the 32
> bit libraries from nVidia in the process (it will ask you).

I did notice that nvidia-glx-new installed 32 bit libs as well. Not
sure why though, I figured that the driver was really 64 bit. I guess
they're needed to run 32 bit programs linked against the GL such as
google earth.

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