Resolution problem in Hardy

John Cavan john at
Wed Jun 11 00:09:20 UTC 2008

> On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 5:12 PM, Kelly Alford <alford_kell at> wrote:
> Whats wrong with 8.04 is that I can only get an 800 by 600 screen resolution
> and I want to see the entire web sites on one screen instead of having to
> scroll over to see the the other side of the page and it only started to do
> this after i downloaded 8.04.

New to the list, but I recently installed Hardy AMD64 on one of my 
machines that has an nVidia card. The proprietary driver simply failed 
to work; I had to grab the one from nVidia and install it instead and 
then tweak the xorg.conf file.

If you go that route (assuming nVidia), their README has good 
information in it, so make sure you read it. However, be aware that it 
is a bit of a maintenance pain if there are kernel updates to Ubuntu as 
you'll have to re-do the driver install in that event. It doesn't take 
long, but it's an extra step to remember. Also, see this link: for a bit more 

Final note, if your setup is 64 bit, make sure that you install the 32 
bit libraries from nVidia in the process (it will ask you).


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