Forget Hardy

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Wed Jun 11 01:43:14 UTC 2008

mwbesemer at wrote:
> Attitudes make all the difference.  I never defended Karl, yet I have
> 5 or 6 people flaming me for doing so.  As I stated earlier, I solved
> my problems using other resources because my perception of this group
> (based on reading nearly all the traffic) was poor.  You don't have
> to POST here to get a feel for the personality of the list.
> For the record, I've had two emails direct to me stating that when
> they asked questions on this list, they were told (in effect) that
> they were too stupid to be using Ubuntu.  And, before anybody asks,
> no... I will not post those private emails here... no point throwing
> anybody else under the bus when I can take the heat all by myself.

A) no one asked you to, and it's not the first time someone defended 
themselves by stating "I heard from X people privately..."; if it's 
private, and you're not going to share it, don't discuss it.

B) if you have a question, ask it. If you don't like the tone, don't use 
the resource, unsubscribe (and done whine that you're made to feel 
stupid when you ask how to unsubscribe...) Playing martyr (I can take 
the heat all by myself!) will speak volumes about your online 
personality, and probably fasttrack you to several filters.

I think it is also fascinating how many people are being made out to 
lurk here yet have the cajones to privately email people about how they 
refuse to post or are afraid to contribute because they're made to feel 
stupid...yet they stick around, and more to the point, are first to rush 
up and anonymously stand behind their knight in shining armor standing 
up for their supposed crusade not to feel stupid.

I don't know you. If you haven't contributed much at all, no one here 
really knows you in all likelihood. I'll offer one bit of free 
advice...reign in your temper now. Wait a day to respond. Bitching, 
whining, playing games of machismo will do nothing but stir the pot on 
this list. So please, just stop, stop pressing your own buttons and 
letting others do so as well.

If you're actually just trying to boil things...well, *shrug* no one can 
stop you. But if you actually want to contribute and have others try to 
help you, I'm begging you to stop now before you do get a Karl reputation.

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