Web page took over Firefox

Jonathan Kaye jdkaye10 at yahoo.es
Tue Jun 10 09:33:23 UTC 2008

Kipton Moravec wrote:

> Made a mistake and hit a link I should not have. It was the first one on
> a google search.
> It popped up a message window asking to install "Antivirus 2008" and
> would not let me close the Firefox window, change the URL, or cancel the
> install window. I could not change to another tab. I could go to another
> Firefox window.
> While it looks like a Windows Virus, or something, how come it is able
> to take over firefox and keep me from closing it or changing to a new
> URL?
> I thought Ubuntu helped prevent this crap from happening.
> I either have to find the process and kill it or reboot.
> Is there a GUI way to stop it? I have 8.04 LTS.
> Kip
Hi Kip,
I'm running Firefox3 rc2 and I could not replicate your problem. (I have the
noscript extension but it's not enabled). I navigated to your link and got
the funny looking Windows type box. I could navigate to another tab, close
that tab or simply navigate away from that site. Firefox handled it
perfectly well. No problems at all. Which version of FFx are you running?
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