Software raid tutorial and hardware raid questions.

Charlie Kravetz cjk at
Sat Jun 7 16:50:31 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-06-07 at 10:19 -0600, drew einhorn wrote:
> I remember seeing one with an example migrating 
> from an old fashioned filesystem on a partition
> to a new filesystem on a mirrored lvm logical volume
> but one only one side of the mirror is set up at this
> time.  
> First I need to copy stuff from what will become 
> the second side of the mirror 
> to filesystem on the first side or the mirror
> Then I will be ready to follow the rest of the tutorial
> and build and attach the second side of the mirror.
> Wish I could remember where I saw that tutorial.
> Want to embellish the example and stripe each side
> of the mirror.
> Understanding  a mirrored pair of stripes, 
> seems easier than 
> understanding a striped pair of mirrors.
> But this seems like a place where
> counterintuitive results are not a big surprise.
> I can do mirroring and striping in lvm, mdadm,
> or a hardware raid controller.  There are lots of
> configurations to ponder.
> What about recovery after a hardware raid controller?
> What are the chances of being able to replace the controller
> and start up successfully from drives?  I know that assuming
> the failed controller did write bad stuff to the drives while
> it was crashing and burning.
> I would not be surprised if the controller firmware revisions
> had to match.  I would be surprised but not astonished if 
> the board hardware revision level had to match, too.
> I hope we are past those days.
> Anybody know about the 
> LSI Logic MegaRAID 8480 Storage controller
> in particular.
> -- 
> Drew Einhorn

I don't know about the MegaRaid 8480, but maybe this is the reference
you are looking for?
It was written while he migrated from the old system to the LVM system.

Good Luck,

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