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Tue Jun 3 15:20:21 BST 2008

2008/6/3 Markus Schönhaber <ubuntu-users at list-post.mks-mail.de>:
>> Is there an online guide as to how to do that? I'm a ME major, not CS,
>> and I don't want to make a whole university course out of this
>> problem. I'm googling for info, but find nothing at the 'dummies'
>> level.
> Well, I'd say, diagnosing network-related problems might require some
> network-related knowledge. At least I don't know of any dummy's guide on
> how to achieve what you want to achieve.

I know. The problem is, that the ISP has tools for testing Windows
machines. Guess which OS they don't have tools for. I spoke to a
knowledgable tech and he is willing to work with me on Linux to solve
the problem, but I need to help him from my end as much as I can.

> OTOH, maybe the logs of your proxy provide some hints on what is going
> wrong. I'd take a look at them - maybe after increasing the log level.

No proxy.

Dotan Cohen


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