please help with tv card bt878 audio problem, desperate

Dana J. Laude kc9aae at
Tue Jun 3 01:58:14 UTC 2008

Jody Gugelhupf wrote:
> hi there ppl :)
> i got a analogue wintv go with fm card (i think). It has radio for sure, 1x composite-in, audio
> out, and an IR. I run ubuntu hardy 64bit system. tvtime xawtv etc work without a problem, only i
> can't adjust the volume from within the applications. I have atm the line out of my tv card
> connected to the line-in of my soundcard. That's how i get my audio from my tv card. In my old
> computer however, with the same tv card and ubuntu feisty i got it working to get the audio from
> the tvcard itself and not using the line-in of my soundcard, but i have no idea how i got that
> working, i only know it took me while. Can someone help me with that please? :) here is some info
> about my system:

I have the exact same card without the radio. Mine works fine, except I 
use the line in on my sound card. (have no idea how you even got audio 
out of the card without this)

What I had to do is create a file in /etc/modprobe.d and called it bttv 
with the following:

options bttv card=10 tuner=27

Look at the bttv howto to get the options for the radio part.
Hope this helps some.


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