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Nils Kassube kassube at
Sun Jun 1 21:00:28 UTC 2008

Willis Taylor wrote:
> When I was running Gutsy I had a 
> Windows unit also and had it linked to both of my Ubuntu unit, so samba
> was installed.  Do I need to uninstall the samba so that the ssh will
> take over?  I really do not want to use the windows shares because of
> the security issues.

SSH and Samba are independent, so you don't have to uninstall Samba. But 
you may consider using NFS for sharing files. Have a look at these links:

Now if you want to share files via SSH, I'm not sure how you want to do 
it. There is the terminal command scp for copying files between machines 
and there is sshfs which works similar to NFS. In your first mail you 
wrote that you have problems entering the password. I don't know at which 
point that failed. You should first try to login to the remote machine 
via ssh. Usually here I use a command like

ssh nils at

where I have an account for user nils at the remote machine 
If that fails, you might find the reason from the messages. And have a 
look at these links:


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