saving flv files streamed over rtmp

andy baxter andy at
Thu Jul 31 17:21:28 UTC 2008

gingerk wrote:
> Hi Andy, I have a question related to the one you've asked...I personally use
> Windows but am having the same trouble with Orbit in regards to saving
> embedded flash streams over rtmp. It does the same thing that you mentioned
> (many retries in a row and then just fails and says there's been an error).
> The video I am trying to save is here:
> Since you seem to have sorted out the issue, hopefully you can help - how
> exactly did you get around the problem with Orbit? How can I save this video
> to my hard drive? Thanks so much!
The error messages you saw were for my obviously flawed attempts to 
extract a valid rtmp:// url from the data stream going to/from the bbc's 
iplayer. When I switched to doing it in windows and using the 'grab it' 
tool to get the url, it worked fine. Can't really help any more than that.

Hope this helps,


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