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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed Jul 30 15:03:04 UTC 2008

2008/7/30 Gilles Gravier <gilles at>:
> - I use Photoshop / Bridge / RAW CS3 for heavy photography work. GIMP
> lacks the automation features (I use GIMP when travelling).

For another project, I write to software distributors and request
Linux support (either native or compiled against Wine 1.0 now). I have
written to Adobe numerous times. Their answers get better and better.
I forsee Photoshop on Linux within three years.

> - Some specific Canon photo management tools (ZoomBrowser/EOS/RAW). I
> use F-Spot on Linux when travelling, but ZB is much more comfortable.

I will write to ZB. I encourage you to do the same.

> - StarryNight Pro (Stellarium on Linux is gorgeous, but lacks MANY of
> the StarryNight Pro features - I use Stellarium when travelling).

I'd like to know what those features are. I love Stellarium, what am I
missing? Again, please write to the StarryNight devs! I will look into
that program.

> - Meade telescope manipulation (and firmware update) tools. NO LINUX EQUIV.


> - I run VirtualDJ for DJing purposes (Mixxx is far far beyond in terms
> of useability and features - so NO LINUX EQUIV).
> - Some desktop-side applications that complement what's on my Nokia
> phone (HandBase Desktop, Nokia PC Suite for firmware updates - NO LINUX
> - iTunes (yeah... it's still one of the best apps to manage collections
> of MP3s) - NO LINUX EQUIV (for what I do with it)
> - Nero Burning ROM suite (lots of the features - Linux has some... even
> has a port of Nero... but the Windows version is definitely much better)

What has Nero that K3B has not? I last used Nero 5.5 and I found K3B
has many more features. I'll gladly file wishbugs for anything

> - World of Warcraft (actually stopped playing that one, but played it
> for over a year and a half - runs nicely in Crossover Office, though, at
> a cost)
> - Microsoft Flight Simulator (it's still the best in the world, and far
> from having a linux equivalent)
> Note about iTunes. I use it to sort and manipulate the MP3 collection. I
> play the MP3s from Logitech Squeezeboxen which have their server
> software running on Ubuntu. Same for DivX files. They are served to a
> Pinnacle Systems ShowCenter 200 from Swisscenter, a LAMP software
> running on Ubuntu. :)

I don't know enough about that to recommend anything, as I've never
used iTunes. I do love Amarok, though, and via kioslaves I am sure
that it would handle remote files.

>>>> Ease of use is critical. People still think Linux = geek OS...
>> Only those who have heard of it :)
> Many have... unfortunately. :D

That's why I say "new OS" and "Ubuntu" but never the L word :)

Dotan Cohen

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