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David Fox wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 3:38 PM, David Vincent
> <dvincent at sleepdeprived.ca> wrote:
>> Who was on Ubuntu, who was on Kubuntu and who was on Xubuntu?
>> Thunderbird still comes installed by default on Ubuntu right?  As does
> Or who are technically ubuntu users but like myself did not install
> from kubuntu disks? It's a little different when you have 3 different
> (or more) branches of ubuntu to measure. But for all real respects
> we're tallking about one distro here, not three (not that "three in
> one' debate please) ;).
> To me, it makes sense that evolution would be installed by default on
> ubuntu, since it comes with gnome, and evolution tends to be more
> tightly integrated to gnome than to another desktop. (But to me they
> could have chosen sylpheed, which is also a gtk based application, and
> probably takes fewer resources.) Likewise, kmail is "part of" kde in
> the same way that evolution is "part of" gnome, but that doesn't mean
> I use kmail as a KDE user (rarely, actually). And for the xubuntu
> crowd, I guess they had to pick something :) because xfce doesn't have
> a "standard" gui mail reader.
> I don't have thunderbird installed - I didn't ask for it, and it
> wasn't automatically installed.
    Thanks David. Yes in my sample I put all the Ku and Xu clients in 
other. I plan to do another 100 from last month on this list. They 
should still be very close, but not sure without doing it. In the next 
one I will put your stuff in a catagory of it's own.



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