Accessing Windows XP programs in Ubuntu (was Re: The pest again)

Stuart A. Yeates syeates at
Mon Jul 21 01:02:05 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 12:49 PM, Jeffrey Needle <jeff.needle at> wrote:
>> > Sigh. I wish it were just a game.  I have a CD full of printed
>> > works that I like to refer to on an ongoing basis.  Should I use
>> > Wine to re-install the app?
>> That can be done, but may not be necessary. The drive that contains
>> your WinXP will need to be mounted in /etc/fstab to make it visible to
>> Ubuntu. I have an NTFS partition on one of the drives on my Ubuntu
>> box. With both read and write enabled you could then also update them
>> from the Ubuntu side. What format(s) are they in?
> It's a proprietary format -- the app is called GospeLink.  It's a
> Mormon-based information center with access to hundreds of printed
> works, and just invaluable.

Then bug them about releasing it in an open format. Didn't we already
fight a war about locking up religious texts in a format that hardly
anyone understood?

>> > I'm old enough to know that, if you're dumb about things, as I am,
>> > you may as well ask...<grin>
>> LOL! You're in the right place. And the only dumb thing would be to
>> suffer in silence, or to give up and go back to Windows not knowing
>> any better.
>> --
> Ha!  Sure enough.
> Incidentally, I typed /etc/fstab and got a message "Permission denied."
> Do I need to place something else after the command to make it work?
> Very exciting to think I might be able to access GospeLink again!

/etc/fstab is an information file, not an executable. try "cat /etc/fstab"

"mount" is the command to mount a new filesystem.


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