Same installation problem over and over again.

Andy stude.list at
Sat Jul 19 15:17:41 UTC 2008

elmo wrote:
> Nero has something called "Burn Image to disk" but anyone who lived in a 
> Windows environment
> only and has never before had the need to make an image disk may never 
> think of looking for it
> in Nero. I'm one of those people.  Judging from how many Windows 
> users,even now, have difficulty with making
> a proper UBUNTU IMAGE disk, I wasn't alone.

The instructions at <>
seem to be pretty simple to follow.

If you still have Nero then feel free to write a Wiki page about how to
use it to burn Ubuntu CDs with it, but obviously Nero can't be
recommended because Nero is non-free.

If people still have problems we always have shippit.


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