Need help using Lynx on Ubuntu Server

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Tue Jul 15 08:40:41 UTC 2008

Robert Dailey wrote:

> This is a really awesome idea! I had no idea this could be done! Is there a
> way I can setup my server to accept HTTP requests on a certain port and
> forward those to my router's firmware as the result?

Yes, several. For example you could create netfilter rules that do this,
or you could set up Xinetd which comes with a redirect service.

> For example, an apache2
> server that treats the router's main page as the document root, if that
> makes sense.

Yes, httpd's mod_proxy can do that too.
But: installing, configuring and taking care of a full fledged web
server just to be able to access your router's web interface?

> I guess it would be like using my linux server as a DNS
> forwarding service? Not sure how to say it, but if I could avoid having to
> open an SSH tunnel on my remote (windows) machine, that would be one step
> closer to greatness!

Well, this "greatness" could also be "openness" - if you don't take
additional measures. Do you think that's really worth the trouble (and

Using a ssh tunnel, OTOH, gives you authentication on the fly by using
measures that are already there. Only someone who is able to log into
your server will be able to create and use this tunnel.
If it's too much typing you're worried about: ssh from the openssh
package (also available for Cygwin) can be configured that a simple
ssh myserver
connects to the correct server with the correct username creating the
desired tunnel. If I'm not completely mistaken, similar things should be
possible with putty.


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