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Thu Jul 10 00:46:31 BST 2008

Buenos Aires, July 9th, 2008


                I have installed the Ubuntu 7.04 operating system in my computer, a Pentium 4 dual-core,
without any problem, it works very well.

                But unfortunately I can't install any program in it, because every time that I try to install
some application using the "Add and Remove applications" program, always the following sign appears:

" (Name of application) cannot be installed in an equipment like yours (i386). Either the application requires special hardware functions, or the vendor decided not to support the equipments with caracteristics like yours" 

                I searched in the forums in Internet, and there I saw that many other people have the same problem,
and it seems there is no practical solution to this problem, that makes the operating system almost useless.

                Do you have any suggestion about how to solve this problem?

                I look forwards to your answer and thank you very much in advance!
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Bruno Contigiani
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