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Sat Jul 12 20:58:13 UTC 2008

Jean-Francois Boolka wrote:
> Spartacus
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> Subject: Problem with firefox
> Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 23:34:11 +0400
> each time i starts firefox 3.0 all the settings gets back to their
> original state when launched for the first time.
> I cannot change theme and every time all the add-ons are re-installed again
> what's the solution for my problem
> please i need some help
> spartacus
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This sounds like we'd have to analyze where the problem is which could 
drag out to a long back and forth
question and answer operation.
Instead of trying to fix things without knowing what may be wrong with 
your installation,
my personal approach would be to think perhaps something went wrong in 
the download and I would
delete the entire download and do another one.  Then if I still couldn't 
it to work properly, I'd
know that I'm probably not doing the installation properly  and there's 
a chance I might see what
went wrong the first time.. The solution may be a simple thing but 
trying to pin point it could take
a lot of back and forth communication.

Yes, it's extra work but it does narrow the problem down and you may 
have an easier time.

Firefox is an excellent program and normally, it downloads and installs 
quite easily.  If you've used it
in Windows you'll see it installs much the same way in UBUNTU.


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