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Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Sat Jul 12 12:49:54 UTC 2008

David Fox wrote:
>>    The question to ask: is it necessary to have 2 GB of RAM to use compiz?
> It's not specifically, but having it will cause most people to load up
> more applications because they can do neat things like move mplayer
> movies around cubes and stuff like that, so it may cause people to
> load up more apps because you can have more desktops and that sort of
> thing.
> Having a fast computer and a sufficiently powerful video card with
> enough video RAM is more important when trying to run compiz. I used
> to try (not very successfully) to run it on an old Athlon Thunderbird
> motherboard with an nvidia FX 5200 graphics card, with the proprietary
> driver. I don't think it would run at all on my even older Matrox
> card, as it only had 16 megs of video RAM (the FX 5200 had 128 meg).
> I now have an AMD 64 dual core with integrated 6600 Nvidia graphics
> (it uses up to a maximum, I think, of 128 megs, shared with system RAM
> - it may indeed try and use more, but I don't know for sure). You
> really need the video RAM to be able to handle the 3d-ness - textures
> and so forth, as well as accelerated graphics for the effects.
>> Karl
    I should have asked the right question. I think all Video devices 
that come onboard the Motherboard use some amount of the RAM that 
exists. I do not know if the amount is limited by some way.

    This nVidia 6100 computer will support the compiz fully but I think 
the device overheats. I am going to figure out how to verify this. I 
have a temperature measuring wire on my CPU cooling tower just stuck 
into a fin hole. It is running 28.5C right now which should not be a 
problem. I will put it on the small fins on my video device and see if 
it gets too hot.



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