gnome-screensaver flicker

Adam D emlists at
Thu Jul 10 02:23:32 UTC 2008

After reviewing other people's posts on the list I am gathering there is
something broken with gnome-screensaver in heron but I am not really
sure if what I am experiencing relates.

What I am experiencing, I think, maybe the same what other have
described:  when I lock my desktop the screen fades to black but instead
of progressing to the chosen theme 'blank screen only' it just dims to
around 20% black and anyone has full view of my work and desktop.  The
only way to proceed to full blank screen i have to press a key on the
keyboard then the screen blanks out.  This does not happen 100% of the
time but intermittently even after purging it from the system and
reinstalling thinking I fixed the issue it creeps back in and 'dims' the
display only.  I have tried to check various logs and watch the logs
while in the 'dim' mode but nothing happens.  Just when I thought I had
fixed the issue, made changes to configs, purge package, reinstall
package does not make a difference.

I thought to just use xscreensaver without gnome-screensaver but even
that behaves very oddly.  When starting xscreensaver per locking the
screen a separate "blank" window without any window manager boarders
pops up on the screen starting small.. pause then enlarging to fill the
screen thus creating a blank screen.  I have been experienceing this
around a week and it has been quite annoying no matter what choice I
use, it still does not run appropiatly. 

As per the two screen savers the xscreensaver does not have the 'dim'
effect so it becomes the default choice but only with its own quarks.

Has any one else experience the same issues?  I don't know if
gnome-screensaver is broken in heron or a package conflict.  If it is a
package conflict, is there a way to start trouble shooting the situation
to find which package may be causing the conflict?


PS.  I have also removed any screen saver settings or configs but it
still continues.

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