Hardy update libnspr4-0d

Jim Smith jim at oz.net
Tue Jul 8 05:03:02 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Jim Smith wrote:
>> It reportedly is fixed upstream in Debian. I used Synaptic to remove
>> libnspr4 then ran the upgrade and all was fine. I usually hold my breath
>> when doing that kind of fix as the possibilities of hosing one's system
>> are many.
> They're really not.  What could conceivably go wrong?  If you try to
> _remove_ libnspr4, you find out immediately (before anything is actually
> done) whether anything else depends on it, and if you decide to use
> the "dpkg -i --force-overwrite" method, the worst that can happen is that
> it turns out you need to reinstall the original library (again with
> the --force-overwrite option).  The possibilities of _really_ hosing your
> system are small if you just pay attention to warnings, unless the library
> happens to be libc6...
That is what actually happened. I first ran remove against libnspr4-0d
and saw all of the things that depended on it. After deciding to leave
that one alone, I then ran remove on the older libnspr4 and found that
nothing depended on it (any longer), thus it looked safe to remove.
Thanks for that answer, it made me feel a bit better. Still a relative
greenhorn, but learning.


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