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Thu Jul 3 14:13:25 UTC 2008

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Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> Alan Milnes wrote:
>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>     I was asked to review a book almost done for those who want a server 
>>> using Ubuntu. As I read the thing it became clear that ANY server has 
>>> Administration issues and they are not just for Ubuntu. I read the part 
>>> about making a email server and all of that is independent of Linux type.
>>>     So I told the book company to not publish this book. If they want it 
>>> to sell it it needs to be about Linux, not Ubuntu.
>>>     What do you think?
>> I think you made a mistake. People trying to learn need clear guidance 
>> focussed on the distribution they are using. A generic book gets too big.
> I think I'm curious how someone's picked to review a book on Ubuntu 
> before publication by a publisher if you're not an established name in 
> the publishing industry unless it's a book written by a friend who's 
> trying to self-publish?...
I got the same email, it was a request for feedback from
reguarding an unfinished book on the Ubunutu server, (also available directly from their homepage). I
did not respond to it as I'm not qualified in any way shape or form to
do so. The individual who sent it indicated my name and email address
were gleaned from this list. I don't know why she didn't post directly
here as she would have received much better feedback from the group as a

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