Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 20:43:27 UTC 2008

2008/7/2 Victor Padro <vpadro at gmail.com>:
> May I ask you something?

Most certainly!

> Have you ever tried using another PC/Laptop?

Just another PC on the same router. That's all I have access to at home.

> Does the problem occur in the same way using another PC/Laptop?


> Have you ever consider to replace the router with another one?  or is it
> provided by your ISP also?

I have, but that is not in the budget. I'd like to connect without the
router to test, but my ISP needs a Windows-only 'dialer' to connect.
The router can also connect. I've gone nuts trying to connect with
Fedora and Ubuntu without the router, so much, that I bought a router!

> Have you plugged the cable modem directly to the Laptop via ethernet and the
> issue still goes on?

I cannot 'dial in' to the ISP that way. Yes, I know that the rest of
the world does not 'dial in' to their ISP via cable modem, but that's
how it's done in Israel. From what I understand (not much) in other
parts of the world the modem is programmed with the 'dial in'
connections and the user doesn't mess with it. Here, it is done in
software running on Windows computers. Or, in a few routers like the
one that I have.

> I ask you this because here in mexico city I had almost the same issues over
> and over, and had to do all from above and even started wireshark for 24
> hours but the solution was to replace the cable cord that comes to the
> cablemodem, the one that was splitting the signal between the tv and 5
> cablemodem that I have, weird stuff, but true.

That doesn't sound so weird. I've worked years in automotive repair
and modifications, and I know that connections are often faulty. Will
wireshark see that the connection is being dropped between the router
and the modem, or between the modem and the ISP?

> So you may want to review every single device which is connected to the ISP
> signal ex. Cablemodem(if you own it), Router, PC/Laptops, etc. in order to
> discard that the problem relies on your gear, if everything fails and you
> still have the same issues, then blame the isp and ask for someone to check
> your cabling structure and perhaps replace your cablemodem, maybe then your
> issue will be long gone.
> that's only my point of view, hope it helps.
> Victor.

Thanks. With the exception of the router, I've tried two of everything
after the modem. Two PC's, two cables going to the router, and two
cables going from the router to the modem. I don't have coaxial cable
to replace the cable going into the modem, though.

Dotan Cohen


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