VNC ? again

Wade Smart wadesmart at
Fri Feb 29 17:49:42 UTC 2008

> After checking that your ubuntu system is running the VNC server and has 
> both ports monitored, try a portscan from your remote machine to see 
> what ports appear open on your VNC server from the perspective of the 
> client.  Then try dropping your software firewall and see if you can 
> connect without problem.
> That will tell you if it's a firewall issue.  I assume you're talking 
> about linux as the VNC server, and some random OS as the client in your 
> testing...?

02292008 1142 GMT-6

A friend sent me a file to put under apache and now I have vnc access
over the web. But, its not secure. Can ssh be used with a browser


02292008 1148 GMT-6

Yes, its a ubuntu server and both ubuntu and windows clients.

I just tried the vnc through a browser and its not working. I can see 
the desktop but cant get any updates over it.


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