VNC ? again

Wade Smart wadesmart at
Fri Feb 29 17:47:45 UTC 2008

Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> Wade Smart wrote:
>> Bart Silverstrim wrote:
>>> Wade Smart wrote:
>>>   > Well, it needs to be simple for the teachers and the IT guy. I dont work
>>>> for the school district - just help out when I can. So the admin is
>>>> barely out of school in most cases and knows little.
>>>> What I was asked to do is make it easy for the admin to access the
>>>> teachers computer to either fix something or show them how to do
>>>> something without him/her having to travel to each school. Right now
>>>> this is implemented at only one school but if this works out - it will
>>>> grow to all the schools.
>>> As a person that has had a large setup with VNC, if you're talking about 
>>> remote access to WinXP+ systems via VNC, you need to be careful with the 
>>> Windows firewall.  It's one of our thorns when using it.
>> 02292008 0723 GMT-6
>> I setup VNC two years ago for all their XP systems and its ran great. Of
>> course - I didnt use the windows firewall - thats the first thing to go
>> on all new pc's.
> Yeah..problem for us is that it would magically reconfigure or restart 
> itself after some updates.  Sometimes it seemed to just be random! 
> *blip*...VNC no longer works...ARGH!
>> I have been testing here at my house because I have the same basic setup
>> as the school does but I cant even get it to work here.
>> On Firestarter - Allow Service for I have ports 5800 and 5900 allowed
>> for Everyone. The ports are forwarded but, can it be that the java
>> viewer isnt starting?
> Use...<typing some apropos...> sudo socklist.  Use apt-get or synaptic 
> to install it if it's not on your system.  That will tell you what is 
> running with what port is open.  See that your VNC server is listening 
> to those ports.
> On my own setups, I don't usually use the Linux firewall simply because 
> for my use, if I don't want someone in my machine I'm not running the 
> service :-)  Well, for ssh, I also run denyhosts as a layer of 
> protection.  That may not work for you though.
> After checking that your ubuntu system is running the VNC server and has 
> both ports monitored, try a portscan from your remote machine to see 
> what ports appear open on your VNC server from the perspective of the 
> client.  Then try dropping your software firewall and see if you can 
> connect without problem.
> That will tell you if it's a firewall issue.  I assume you're talking 
> about linux as the VNC server, and some random OS as the client in your 
> testing...?

02292008 1142 GMT-6

A friend sent me a file to put under apache and now I have vnc access
over the web. But, its not secure. Can ssh be used with a browser


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