ubuntu on windows xp, help required

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Fri Feb 29 13:52:52 UTC 2008

Donny George wrote:
> Hello
> myself donny a student, am trying to install ubuntu 6.06 as dual os along
> with windows xp.
    This is an old version of Ubuntu. You should d/l the latest version. 
It might load easy.

>  and after getting the iso image and burning i started with
> the process of installing ubuntu. it went on well and reached the ubuntu
> desktop and it read that nautilus has quit unexpectedly and so whther i need
> to inform or start once again. i followed and link where it said i could
> type "apt-get dist-upgrade" but it said i had no permission and asked me if
> i am root. i am not very familiar with linux os or the commands. but still
> could i type in something like "su" if so wat would be the password
    The way to do a root thing is use this:

$ sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade

This should work after you give it your password.

> or else have can i ensure a smooth installation of ubuntu without affecting
> my windows. would be there any tutorials where i can get by step guidance.
> kindly help
    Do not worry about your windows. After you get Ubuntu running you 
will spend less and less time on Windows.


> thnx for any info


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