XFX Nvidia 8800GT

Richard richrock at nerdshack.com
Fri Feb 29 09:44:59 UTC 2008

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Leo Noordhuizen a écrit :
> Ok... I gave up and returned the card.After following almost all 
> advise
> which resulted in a resolution of 640x480 or a completely distorted 
> screen, I decided that this card had to go. Im back to the 8500GT
> is recognized fine and works, (not THAT fast though).
> Maybe I will try another brand of 8800GT based card. Or a non NVIDIA
> ANY suggestions ? (In the same price-range) Or shoudl I wait for the 
> now
> moderately-priced 9000 series Nvidia card ?
> Leo

>Your best bet would have been to try an Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) alpha CD 
>install on a separate partition.

>I don't have any 8800GT, but from experience all models with the same 
>chipsets would provide the same results. So waiting till Hardy is 
>released (en of April) would hopefully allow you to use any 8800GT (but

>since the 9xxx series are just being released, it's not sure they'll be

>supported in Hardy.


FWIW, I run Ubuntu 7.10 on a Pentium D, with a 8600GTS OC installed.  No
probs at all.  Makes Compix a treat, and I can play UT2004 too!  I just
used the default restricted drivers.  So I think that the opinion that
'same chipsets would provide same results' would be slightly misleading.
I only went for the 8600 for budget reasons, yet my flatmate tried
Ubuntu on his, and he's got a BFG 8800GTX 768mb card.  And that worked
too.  (Shame he's so dependent on windows)

Just my 2c worth on this.


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