XFX Nvidia 8800GT

Loïc Martin loic.martin3 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 11:05:56 UTC 2008

Leo Noordhuizen a écrit :
> Ok... I gave up and returned the card.After following almost all advise 
> which resulted in a resolution of 640x480 or a completely distorted 
> screen, I decided that this card had to go. Im back to the 8500GT which 
> is recognized fine and works, (not THAT fast though).
> Maybe I will try another brand of 8800GT based card. Or a non NVIDIA one.
> ANY suggestions ? (In the same price-range) Or shoudl I wait for the now 
> moderately-priced 9000 series Nvidia card ?
> Leo

Your best bet would have been to try an Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) alpha CD 
install on a separate partition.

I don't have any 8800GT, but from experience all models with the same 
chipsets would provide the same results. So waiting till Hardy is 
released (en of April) would hopefully allow you to use any 8800GT (but 
since the 9xxx series are just being released, it's not sure they'll be 
supported in Hardy.

You could also request a backport from Hardy proprietary nVidia drivers, 
and that could happen, but I wouldn't bet on it, or use another distro 
in the meantime (one that has just been released), even Debian unstable 
since you wouldn't be too far from Ubuntu.

Whatever card you want to buy in the future, check in 
http://packages.ubuntu.com/ what version is the nVidia driver in the 
distribution you're using, and what version is in the development 
version. The package you're looking for for recent cards is nvidia-glx-new.

Then check on the nVidia site which cards are supported by that driver 
(Ubuntu package names reflect nVidia drivers' numbers). In Hardy, it's 
169.09 (but it could be updated till the end of April). If nVidia says 
it supports the 8800GT series, you should be ok. If it supports the 
9600GT, then all cards using that chipset should work on Hardy (2 month 
wait, unless you fancy running the alpha).

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