Getting addresses OUT of a spreadsheet

Ken McLennan kenrmcl at
Thu Feb 28 21:47:17 UTC 2008

G'day there One & All,

> Thanks for the hints, but if either UNO or OOBasic is required to do
> something as simple as a mailout from spreadsheet data then as far as
> I'm concerned it's just not a feature. Shame - MSWord/Excel do it quite
> well.
    Why the "it's just not a feature" comment? The mail merge procedure 
is exactly the same as it is in the MSWord/Excel combination to which 
you compare it. You don't need to use OOBasic, although you can if you 
wish. Just the same way that you can use VBA in Excel or MSWord to 
automate the process if you want to. <shrug> Methinks your comment may 
be a troll </shrug>

> Anyone got a way to open this box *without* a welding torch?
    Large hammer? <g>

See ya
Ken McLennan
Qld, Australia

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