CD Automount problem

Nils Kassube kassube at
Thu Feb 28 07:51:33 UTC 2008

Patton Echols wrote:
> I re-booted into 
> windows and was able to load the CD, it was a sony disk that auto runs
> some kind of splash.  I cancelled all the things it started and was
> able to use a windows tool to extract.

"sony disk" reminds me of the root kit they installed on Windows, 
hopefully it is not one of those CDs. Google for "sony rootkit" and you 
will see what I mean.

> I am clueless how I would use top to do 
> what I needed.  It just kept refreshing and showing the running
> processes, not the one(s) that had - for example -tied up my cd drive.

Probably you won't find out with top which process is the guilty one. Top 
shows all processes running, but it doesn't tell you what each particular 
process does. It could even be, that the process is no longer active but 
it has locked the drive. If the drive is locked, try the eject command.

> Question 2: Any thoughts on my specific problem?  Even if I had killed
> the process, I'm not sure the right way to manually mount a music cd or
> what I should have done with this one.

You can't really mount an audio CD because it has no file system. Try to 
use a program that extracts the songs from the CD. Possibly the sound 
juicer program you mentioned is one of them (I don't know that program). 
Just start the program from the menu or command line. Usually I use the 
command line tool cdparanoia. Anyway, those programs don't necessarily 
work. Some CDs are protected with heavy DRM, which makes it impossible to 
extract. Those CDs sometimes come with a Windows program which lets you 
extract a low grade version of the music, but with Linux you are probably 
out of luck.


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