CD Automount problem

Richard Rudnick rich at
Thu Feb 28 06:38:55 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 21:32 -0800, Patton Echols wrote:

> So question 1 is:  anyone have guidance generally about how to use top 
> and get useful information out of it?

Top is a nice program, but not obvious to the casual observer. htop
(apps->system tools after it's installed) is functionally the same, but
much easier to use. Also, gnome-system-monitor (system->admin->system
monitor) is a nice gui tool showing much the same information.

> Question 2: Any thoughts on my specific problem?  Even if I had killed 
> the process, I'm not sure the right way to manually mount a music cd or 
> what I should have done with this one. 

Never had one of these, so I don't have any suggestions on this, sorry.

> Thanks for all thoughts.
> Patton

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