Agere WinModem 56k on Thinkpad - Working!

sktsee sktsee at
Wed Feb 27 23:34:41 UTC 2008

On Tue, 26 Feb 2008 17:01:53 -0800, NoOp wrote:

> On 02/26/2008 03:54 PM, sktsee wrote:
>> But wait, there's more! :)
>> Attached is the martian init script to run martian_modem as a daemon. I
>> made a slight modification to the command line to enable logging and to
>> set the permission to 660 on /dev/ttySM0 and changed the group
>> ownership to "dialout". I then copied it to /etc/init.d, and did an
>> "sudo update-rc.d martian start 45 2 3 4 5 . stop 55 0 1 6 ." to update
>> the links.
>> Only drawback to using it this way is that the martian_modem helper
>> program puts a 5-7% continuous load on the CPU while connected,
>> dropping down to a 2-4% load while disconnected. For the desktop
>> machine, it won't matter so much, but for the laptop it can be a
>> concern in a low battery situation. Of course, you can always stop the
>> service to save on battery life.
> Works for me, thanks!
> Now on to my desktop... Modem is recognized using -386 restricted
> drivers kernel (wvdial etc talks to it ok using /dev/ttyLTM0) but it
> still can't break dialtone in linux (WinXP OK). That one is a Wildwire
> V90 (11c1:044f).
> Trying martian in generic & I can't get wvdial to talk to it or
> recognize it (/dev/ttySM0) at all. Martian compiled ok, sudo
> martian_modem comes up ok, but no go. I'll fiddle with that one later &
> I've a few other winmodems that I can install (yes, I know everyone says
> to get a serial modem, but I'm stubborn) and test. It's this one
> (desktop) that I'd like to eventually get working so that I can use for
> fax & finally put my old Brothers fax machine in storage.

Unfortunately, I don't think you're going to have much luck in getting 
the Wildwire device to work. From what I've been able to gather, the 
Wildwire dual adsl/modem device doesn't have the 164x DSP chip which, 
IIRC, ltmodem and martian drivers only work with. Though I'm not entirely 
certain about this because there's not a whole lot of info out there 
tying the Wildwire card to pci id 11c1:044f. The latest version of the 
scanmodem tool (from lists the Wildwire pci id as 
11c1:0462 and reports that it's unsupported by ltmodem and martian. You 
might want to join the linmodem mailing list or email the scanmodem tool 
maintainer, Marvin Stodolsky and inform him about your Wildwire modem so 
that he can update scanmodem. Plus, if there's anyone that can help get 
that winmodem working, it would be the guys on the linmodem list.

Glad you got the other one working though, and hopefully the others won't 
be a problem.


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