Agere WinModem 56k on Thinkpad - Working!

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Feb 27 01:01:53 UTC 2008

On 02/26/2008 03:54 PM, sktsee wrote:

> But wait, there's more! :)
> Attached is the martian init script to run martian_modem as a daemon. I
> made a slight modification to the command line to enable logging and to
> set the permission to 660 on /dev/ttySM0 and changed the group ownership
> to "dialout". I then copied it to /etc/init.d, and did an "sudo
> update-rc.d martian start 45 2 3 4 5 . stop 55 0 1 6 ." to update the
> links.
> Only drawback to using it this way is that the martian_modem helper
> program puts a 5-7% continuous load on the CPU while connected, dropping
> down to a 2-4% load while disconnected. For the desktop machine, it
> won't matter so much, but for the laptop it can be a concern in a low
> battery situation. Of course, you can always stop the service to save on
> battery life.

Works for me, thanks!

Now on to my desktop... Modem is recognized using -386 restricted
drivers kernel (wvdial etc talks to it ok using /dev/ttyLTM0) but it
still can't break dialtone in linux (WinXP OK). That one is a Wildwire
V90 (11c1:044f).

Trying martian in generic & I can't get wvdial to talk to it or
recognize it (/dev/ttySM0) at all. Martian compiled ok, sudo
martian_modem comes up ok, but no go. I'll fiddle with that one later &
I've a few other winmodems that I can install (yes, I know everyone says
to get a serial modem, but I'm stubborn) and test. It's this one
(desktop) that I'd like to eventually get working so that I can use for
fax & finally put my old Brothers fax machine in storage.

Thanks again! Having the winmodem working on the laptop helps
tremendously, particularly for travel & power outages.

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