defoptions in menu.1st updated by update-grub ???

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Feb 27 21:58:18 UTC 2008

Brian McKee wrote:
> It doesn't matter if I delete that #defoptions line or change it to
> #defoptions=
> Once I run update-grub it changes it right back!
> How the heck do I prevent it from over-ridding the defoptions I set?

Use some option for defoptions - then it will not be changed. Only if 
there is no value assigned, it will be set to the default value of "quiet 

> And why is it doing that?

I have no idea.

> (background - I want 80x25 console - which means no splash or quiet
> options.  I need to set it in menu.1st so future kernel updates don't
> just overwrite my changes....)

Then use "# defoptions=vga=normal".


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