Kernel panics on Asrock K7VT2.

Adam Funk a24061 at
Wed Feb 27 16:04:17 UTC 2008

On 2008-02-12, Zach wrote:

> This really sounds like a hardware problem including one (or more) of:
> Heat problem
> memory problem
> power supply problem.
> You might try booting from the livecd and running memtest.  Also you
> might try, from the livecd, running folding at home (see the ubuntu wiki
> for more info) to stress your system.

I let memtest run for a while, with the following results:

   Athlon XP (0.13) 1533 MHz
   L1 Cache:  128K 9402MB/s
   L2 Cache:  256K 3121MB/s
   Memory:    256M  486MB/s
   Chipset:   VIA KT266(A)/KT333

   WallTime:  10:31
   Cached:    256M
   RsvdMem:   128K
   MemMap:    e820-Std
   Cache:     on
   ECC:       off
   Test:      Std
   Pass:      37
   Errors:    0
   ECC Errs:        [blank]

Those are good, right?

I'll look into the temperature too.  

I'd already run SpinRite to check the HDD: no errors.

The odd thing is that for six months or more, this computer sat
switched off under my desk.  Before that, it had been running Windows
98 (for someone else, that is) for a couple of years without any

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