Kernel panics on Asrock K7VT2.

Zach uid000 at
Tue Feb 12 23:34:11 UTC 2008

This really sounds like a hardware problem including one (or more) of:
Heat problem
memory problem
power supply problem.

You might try booting from the livecd and running memtest.  Also you
might try, from the livecd, running folding at home (see the ubuntu wiki
for more info) to stress your system.

On Tue, Feb 12, 2008 at 4:19 PM, Adam Funk <a24061 at> wrote:
> I installed Ubuntu 7.10 to try out the LVM-crypto stuff on an old
>  computer with (according to lshw) an ASRock K7VT2 motherboard, Athlon
>  XP 1800+ processor and 255MB of RAM.  I carried out the upgrades and
>  it's now running (according to dmesg) "Linux version 2.6.22-14-generic
>  (buildd at terranova) (gcc version 4.1.3 20070929 (prerelease) (Ubuntu
>  4.1.2-16ubuntu2)) #1 SMP Fri Feb 1 04:59:50 UTC 2008".
>  The installation seemed to be fine, and the computer boots up without
>  any apparent problems, but generally dies mysteriously within 2 to 120
>  minutes.
>  Symptoms: the gdm login screen freezes, and sometimes the caps lock
>  and scroll lock lights blink.  Not very informative, so I left it on a
>  virtual console and found the following at the end of the error
>  output:
>  EIP: [<c02f3f91>] _spin_lock+0x1/0x10 SS:ESP 0068 c3867eb4
>  Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt
>  I've tried booting with "acpi=off", "noapic" and both options.
>  I'd be grateful for any further suggestions for getting it to stay
>  running!
>  Thanks,
>  Adam
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