Can't compile

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Tue Feb 26 05:42:29 UTC 2008

Michael wrote:
> steve wrote:
> Michael wrote:
> | Conor Schaefer wrote:
> |> I think a lot of people fail to realize the remarkable amount of
> |> resources poured into the average binary install file... for instance,
> |> ever use subversion to compile something from source? You would be
> |> astounded at the amount of space you need to allot, just to create a
> |> several megabyte large install file.
> |>
> |> Programming is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
> |>
> |>
> | I agree, but, that install file should be what the customer gets.  Why
> | do I need to have several compilers and create my own install file every
> | time i want a different program or just an update to one i already
> | have.
> compiling is done on a per machine basis, and is tailored for your cpu,
> memory, video, etc for optimum speed.  with windows you get what they
> give you, you like it or not, you have no choice.  linux is choice, open
> source.  windows is not.
> Windows does some things right and thats one of them.
> this is what is exactly WRONG with windows.  dumbed down to run on every
> machine at the same speed.
> I have  been around PCs since DOS 2.0, but I am not a programmer, why
> should I
> | need to be to work with Linux?
> you dont need to be.  if you want pre compiled packages your free to use
> what is available from the repositories. if the program isnt available
> from the repositories then you need to download the source and issue 3
> simple commands, configure, make, make install.  whats so difficult with
> that?
> |
> | IMHO and YMMV and all that.  :-)
> |
> |
> | Mike
> |

> What was so difficult with that is that I had to download and install 
> multiple packages to accomplish those three simple commands.  I probably 
> had to install over 25 megabytes of ancillary programs to do those three 
> simple commands.   That extra software is now resident in my system 
> using up my disk space.  Not all software is available in the repos.  
> All Window software comes with an installer.  My point with Windows is 
> that it is easier to install software.  Whether on not it is custom 
> fitted to my system is immaterial to me.  I want results, I am more 
> interested in the destination than the journey so to speak.  I use Linux 
> for a variety of reasons but I am not blind to its faults or to Windows 
> pluses for that matter.  You have a different philosophy when it comes 
> to using the software and that's fine.  I don't want to get into Windows 
> vs. Linux, it's been done to death.  I do want to thank everyone for 
> helping me with getting those three simple commands to work, I 
> appreciate it.

Silly question....but you wanted to "compile" something and not simply 
"install" something.

When was the last time you did a compile on Windows?  Do you think doing a 
"compile" on Windows is any less "expensive"?

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