Agere WinModem 56k on Thinkpad - Working!

sktsee sktsee at
Tue Feb 26 03:51:59 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-02-25 at 15:18 -0800, NoOp wrote: 
> After all this time & hair pulling (don't have much anyway) I *finally*
> managed to get the Agere/Lucent WinModem on my Thinkpad A21M to work on
> Gutsy using gnome-ppp!
> I had tried drivers, restricted modules/kernels, and just about
> everything that I could possibly think of - all no go. Today I stumbled
> across the fix. For others with similar, here is how:
> 1. Install linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-14-386 [1]
> 2. Reboot and ensure the modem is picked up in
> System|Administration|Restricted Drivers Manager
> 3. Install gnome-ppp if not installed already
> 4. System|Administration|Networks - uncheck ethernet/wireless devices &
> check the Modem device. Enable the connection, add the phone number,
> username & password. On the Modem tab: /dev/modem, Options tab: uncheck all.
> 5. Applications|Internet|Gnome-ppp
> Enter your required username, password & phone number. Under the "Modem"
> tab click 'Setup' and on 'Device' click the 'Detect' button. It should
> come back with: /deve/ttyLTM0. Other settings on that tab that work for me:
> Type: Analog Modem
> Speed: 115200
> Phone Line: Tone
> Volume: High
> Dial Attempts: 1
> On the Networking tab:
> Dynamic IP address
> Automatic DNS
> On the Options Tab:
> I unchecked everything.
> Now the reason why I wasn't able to connect this way previously:
> [Gnome PPP dialogue doesn't send one-time passwords to wvdial]
> In all previous attempts I did not have "Remember Password" checked and
> so each time the dialer would stall waiting for a password - it wouldn't
> even break dialtone. I found this out finally by reviewing the session
> log & then googling for 'gnome-ppp +wvDial +Please enter password'.
> Found the bug report, ticked "Remember Password" and off it went!
> Amazing...
> Anyways, I'm a happy guy right now. :-) 
> [1] Note on the linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-14-386 kernel - I've
> found that some wireless devices I've tested do not work unless I use
> the generic kernel. That's OK, as long as I know the difference I can
> boot into the -386 kernel to use dialup on the laptop when needed and
> back to generic for wireless etc.

Just curious, but does your Agere modem have the Mars DSP chip? The PCI
ids for these models would be in the range of 11c1:0440 thru 11c1:045d.
(might also have Xircom vendor id of 115d:) This series has a supported
driver in linux that works with SMP capable kernels, unlike the ltmodem
an ltserial driver. If your modem pci id falls into the range listed
above, and you want try out the "martian" driver with the generic
kernel, you can get it here:

I've used it since feisty and it works well pretty well.


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