Abnornal Music CD playback

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Mon Feb 25 16:48:15 UTC 2008

Antonio V. wrote:
> Problem:   When I insert a store bought CD, it is recognized,  'Sound
> Juicer player  pops up, with track and tittle lists. When 'play' is
> pressed, abnormal music,  glass scratching noises is heard, I can
> barely recognize the song.

Is this happening with this CD alone or is it the same with other CDs? If 
it is only for this CD, it might be an "enhanced" CD, i.e. crippled with 
some sort of DRM. Check the cover - usually there is a hint if it is one 
of the crippled CDs. If it is a new one, try to return it to the shop.


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