Abnornal Music CD playback

Antonio V. antonio121347 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 15:54:47 UTC 2008


Problem:   When I insert a store bought CD, it is recognized,  'Sound
Juicer player  pops up, with track and tittle lists. When 'play' is pressed,
abnormal music,  glass scratching noises is heard, I can barely recognize
the song.
However it plays an old CD with MP3's and my saved MP3's  with Rhymbox
Sound Juicer searched and  got gsmtreamer xtra pluging Codecs) the other
Have system sounds and everything else works fine.

System:  AMD Athlon 64X2 w/ Ubuntu 7.10-64bit Gutsy,  I install it yesterday
and running in a single boot  for now, but I have had dual and triple
Linux.  This PC is a Linux barebones and I have used all major Linux
distros. This is the first big problem  I  encounter.
I think I need to get into the terminal but I do not find any forums to walk
me through.
Can anyone help?


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