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Mon Feb 25 13:24:55 UTC 2008

On 23/02/2008, Nikunj Kumar <nikunj.kumar at fermentabiotech.com> wrote:
> We have a file which is owned by the 'root' user under /etc/. We want to
> change the ownership of this file and give it red/write/execute permission
> to all the users.

That could cause a security risk. If any user can change the file then
they could alter it to contain malicious code which would execute with
the privilege of whoever executed it.

It is normally to have the system executables owned by root and only
writeable by root. They are normally readable and executable by all

If you are trying to allow a select group of users access to modify
the executable you might want to add the required users to a group and
then change the group ownership of the file and make it group

> So the command we look forward to run as a 'root' user is:
> chmod 777 <filename>

sudo <cmd here>

Type in the users password (not the root password).
The current user needs to be listed in the sudoers file.

> As I also understand in UBUNTU we cannot login as a 'root' user so using
> 'su' is the only option left.

Logging in as root is disabled by default as it poses a security risk.
It can be enabled but it is not recommended unless you know what your are doing.


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