removing weired file from ext3 filesystem

Sven Richter sveri-list at
Mon Feb 25 13:07:21 UTC 2008


i have a big problem here.

I have a backup hard drive with an ext3 partition.
One of my friends made a backup on it with some gentoo portage

Now that he is gone i wanted to delete the 4 files which are taking
8GB away but i am not allowed to do so.

And it is really weired.

Here is the output from ls -lisa in the directory:
2294475 4 drwsrwsrwt     1 garfield   garfield   4096 2008-02-25 13:57 .
2294466 4 drwsrwsrwt     3 garfield   garfield   4096 2008-02-24 17:40 ..
2295969 0 ?r-S-w-rwx 22388 1493481812 2730945560    0 1994-07-14 01:13 
2295970 0 ?-w--wSrwT 11213 1860258772 3079427123    0 1994-03-27 20:32 
2295973 0 ?r-Sr-srw- 41851 2051597284 2199566066    0 1951-07-26 13:33 
2295975 0 ?r-srwxr-x 32895 3767851949 2220932723    0 1941-10-18 11:42 

And sudo rm -v xs_colors.h gives me:
rm: remove write-protected weird file `xs_colors.h'? y
rm: cannot remove `xs_colors.h': Operation not permitted

The same happens when i try to chmod or chown the files
as sudo or user.

The output of file xs_colors.h is:
xs_colors.h: ERROR: invalid mode 074427

I even tried to remove the file over the inode with
find . i number -exec rm ...
But i dont have the permissions :D

So i unmounted the partition and started to check it with fdisk.
It found a lot of errors to much for me, so i started fdisk -a.
fdisk fiddled around for a while and and then died with the message
that there are errors that have to be handled manually.
But again fdisk without -a needs a 1000 user inputs or much more
and i dont want to spend my afternoon sitting here and pressing y.

Any ideas what else i could do despite reformatting the partition?


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