New Ubuntu installs not loading

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Feb 25 10:47:49 UTC 2008

On 25/02/2008, Leo Cacciari <leo.cacciari at> wrote:
> Just to avoid funny errors.... Obviously, Dotan referrs to removing
>  splash from the boot options.
>  When you are in the menu, press 'e' while the boot is highlighted, then
>  select the command line (the second that will be shown to you) and press
>  'e' again.
>  You my now edit the boot line, remove 'splash' from there (and quiet too
>  if you want more messages), press 'ESC' to go back and then 'b' to
>  boot.

Thanks, that much I knew. Though I'm enjoying thinking about the funny
errors you imply :)

Dotan Cohen

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