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> jack schrieb am 24.02.2008 00:20:
> > Not really an important item, but one I've puzzled over from time to
> > time. On Desktop1, I have some remote system connections and a few other
> > folder/app links. I'd like to be able to anchor those to Desktop1 only,
> > so that when I switch to Desktop2, the desktop would be empty. Is that
> > possible to do in Gutsy?
> > (I'm not running compiz, just straight ubu 7.10/gnome).
> To be honest I don't understand your problem. I have 9 desktops set
> up and on each of them different applications are running. Those
> applications/windows do not move if swichting desktops (except
> pressing a special shortcut). As I'm using this feature for many
> years and I've never seen the behaviour you describe I wonder how
> you set up your desktops.
The original poster is not talking about running applications, but
"folder/app links" or shortcuts.

I, too, would like to know how to have an icon for an application show up on
only one desktop.

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