parted > gparted ?

Gerald Dachs ubuntu at
Sun Feb 24 00:41:19 UTC 2008

> Hi Gerald, 
> Now you play/sound like a cynic "Frechdachs" ! 0 ;-)

caught, on other lists they named me BOFH. This is 
wrong of course, because I am developer not an operator,
but BDFH sounds not so good.

> "Floppy disk times" with DOS command lines aren't standard anymore
> today.
> People like an comfortable, informative GUI to get things done easier
> and 
> more secure !

If somebody wants to start with some woodwork, would you recommend
him to start with a lath before he tries to use a woodcarving knife?

I develop programs and distributions for small computers that gets
connected to cars for diagnostics, very modern and no GUI.

> A nice Sunday wishes you
> Einen schoenen Sonntag wuenscht Dir


> PS: Just a question and not to be replied here !

why not?

> Do you have / know an attractive recommendation how to partition with
> 3 OS'es:

Sorry but no, I use separate computers instead of separate partitions
for this purpose. And only me wife has a desktop pc and a notebook
with windows. For testing and development I have some vmware virtual
machines with different distributions on my main machine.

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